Greece & Cyprus
@ its best!

Tasteful holidays for discerning travelers

The least we can offer to you and your clients is
a taste of Greece & Cyprus to take along with you.

V. Triantafyllou – G.M.


DMCs are specialists in the organisation of incentives, meetings, conferences and events for incoming groups to a destination.


With many years of experience our in house experts are unrivalled when it comes to planning and executing meetings & events.


We plan meetings, incentives, conventions & events for corporations and associations throughout Greece & beyond.

Company Profile

Originally under another Company’s’ name back in 1990, MTM d.m.c has been completely restructured at the beginning of 2002. We guarantee you a genuine Mediterranean experience – and we pride ourselves in that reputation.

The staff reflects a diversity of ages, backgrounds, and skill sets. It is the blend of these personalities and experience that is recognized by the customers as a valuable resource.

Throughout these years MTM d.m.c Incoming was growing tremendously and opened local offices in Nicosia and partner offices in Athens, Crete, Santorini, Mykonos & Rhodes.

Currently, we are proud to serve major accounts in B2B basis and more than glad to serve the end customer with our own services in key touristic locations in Greece & Cyprus, the way we know – professional one!

Our Logo

Over the years, the olive has been the symbol of peace, wisdom, glory, fertility, power and pureness.

The leafy branches of the olive tree – the olive leaf as a symbol of abundance, glory and peace – were used to crown the victors of friendly games and bloody wars. As emblems of benediction and purification, they were also ritually offered to deities and powerful figures; some were even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb.

Greece = Philoxenia

Philoxenia – φιλοξενία (φιλώ (= αγαπώ) + ξένος) was an institution for the ancient Greeks to welcome and look after the strangers in their house. They particularly believed in the idea of philoxenia, and they considered it a moral debt and a holy rule of gods (protector was the Xenios Jupiter, sometimes also referred to as Xenios Zeus). This is why strangers, as thought to have been sent by the gods, were considered as persons holy, honored and respectable. This treatment of strangers began from the faith that the gods themselves, transformed in human form, visited them in order to check who keep the religious rules and obey the laws, and who do not. This ancient Greek institution of philoxenia was spread around the ancient world through the cultural exchange that occurred during travels, trade, conquest etc. Moreover, the lifestyle of Greeks (travels, trade, wars) had resulted in finding themselves in foreign places, with a big need for lodging, help or protection.

We Greeks are not fond of saying goodbye, so let as just say `until we meet again`……….

A few words from our G.M.

Dear Friends,

Without realizing it more that 15 years have passed in seconds when I came back to Greece.

This year, here in MTM Dmc Ltd we celebrate more than 25 years of excellence – 17 of them under my management- going through the most difficult times in the modern history of Greece- but guess what? – We are still in the neighbourhood alive and kicking and more modern and up to date than before!

It seems that everyone these days in E.U, is talking about the real economy, about real business values. Truth to be told real values were always around. Missing, however, was the determination required to look for them, and even more so, the ability to know how to look for them.

Crying over “spilled milk” has never been the answer. Everybody has to adjust his/her criteria, understand that value has a deeper timeframe than “fast bucks” and prepare wisely every investment we plan. In a chaotic market, rapidly changing on a daily basis, there are still returns to be made for those who remain calm and do their homework, planning an adaptive and successful strategy.

Sure 2017 will be the year that will test human relationships – once again like the last years- after all in prosperity friends know you, in adversity you know your friends- so that leaves us no choice to work even harder than before.

The least we can offer to you and your clients is a taste of Greece & Cyprus to take along with you.

We hope you will savor it and let it bring you back to us, if only in memories. We Greeks are not fond of saying goodbye so let us just say – until we meet again…

Explore your senses in Greece & Cyprus

Triantafillou Vassilis